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My name is Ioulia Makri, I am a graduate of physiotherapy and physical education and the founder of Healing Art Massage. Completing my studies in Germany, where I worked for several years, I returned to Greece and entered the hotel Spa. During my work as a Spa Manager and trainer of Spa staff in hotels worldwide, my dream matured, a place of my own where I would marry the knowledge of Physiotherapy and Wellness. A wellness center that will offer treatments of the highest quality and always adapted to the needs of everyone.

At Healing Art Massage we are a team of Physiotherapists and alternative therapists where our philosophy is that massage should be a complete holistic experience of healing and rejuvenation for body, mind and soul at the same time.

The treatments we offer are applied exclusively with the use of certified organic products which are friendly to the skin and act in depth. 

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Healing Art (Κέντρο)


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Healing Art (Καλαμαρία)

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