Massage Treatments

Soothing Relaxing Massage

A deep relaxation massage, consists of continuous, long, rhythmic strokes.The gentle flow induces within the body a feeling of balance and harmony. This energizing massage clears and removes the negative energy from the body, giving it a new direction.

40mins | 20€     55mins | 25€     90mins | 40€

Sports Massage/Deep tissue

This massage is ideal for before and after sport, as well as for those who prefer an intense massage, or whose work is sedentary. The aim of this massage is the functional restoration of tired muscles, the tendons and connective tissue, as their oxygenation is increased.

40mins | 25€     55mins | 30€     90mins | 45€

Lymphatic Drainage

The aim of this treatment is to limit edema formation (swelling), detoxification, to boost the immune and muscular system, as well as to stimulate bowel movement. It is applied to primary and secondary lymphedema (e.g. after surgical procedures or radiation for cancer, general injuries or sports injuries, chronic venous insufficiency and inflammation) as well as lipoedema (painful fat syndrome).

40mins | 30€     55mins | 35€     90mins | 50€

Migraine Therapy

A soothing therapy which relieves muscle tension in the neck, shoulders and head, via special massage techniques, stretches and shiatsu.

40mins | 25€     55mins | 30€     90mins | 40€

Anti-Cellulite Massage

The aim of this treatment is the dissolution of fat cells, local hyperemia and the removal of toxins from the body. In this way, the skin acquires a healthy glow with increased elasticity and firmness.

50mins | 25€     70mins | 35€     

Facial Treatment

After a detailed analysis of your skin type, skincare products are selected for optimum aesthetic and visible results, according to your own personal needs. The treatment consists of, in sequence, the following: demake-up, peeling, lymphatic drainage massage for face, mask (throughout the duration of mask, head and hand massage is given), hydration of face with serum and cream.

45mins | 35€        

Fertility Massage

A painless and effective way for the enhancement and support of fertility. Frequent application of the therapy restores hormone balance, strengthens the immune system and contributes towards stress reduction.

Prenatal Massage

Massage during pregnancy is a wonderful way to prepare for the birth of your child without stress. Tailored to your own personal needs, this specific massage relieves pain in the neck and back muscles. Blood and lymph circulation is enhanced, thereby alleviating pain resulting from potential cramps and reducing possible swelling.

55mins | 35€    90mins | 50€

Postnatal Massage

In just 10 days after the birth of your child, the Postnatal Massage will relieve you of the acute pain in the back and pelvis, swelling will be reduced, and the internal organs (like the uterus) will be restored to their original state.

55mins | 30€    90mins | 40€

Infant Massage Seminars

Frederick Leboyer’s Infant Massage is a wonderful emotional experience for you and your child. An age-old tradition and technique, it is used as a preventive measure for many illnesses, as it enhances the psycho-emotional and physical development of the child.

Massage for Children

Physical contact not only promotes healthy physical growth, but also strengthens the child’s emotional stability. Typical developmental problems, such as sleep disturbances, can be improved by massage. The child learns to become aware of its body and how to relax.

30mins | 15€    

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